Sylvia Martinez


Sylvia Martinez

San Antonio, TX

"Welcome to our Unit Website! This website has been created just for YOU! Why? Because I truly care about your future. With the proper commitment to your vision, your Mary Kay business can create the life you've always wanted. My mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire you to success. And, remember, I am a phone call/text/email away as your Business Coach. Belief in YOUR DREAMS! Sylvia"

Cracker Jack I Story

I have been married to Mike “Mr. Star Team” Martinez for 46 years and we have 3 beautiful adult daughters- Veronica, Marisol, and Sylvia. When I joined Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1977, my girls were 11, 2 and my third was on her way.
My previous employment experience was 8 years of administrative duties for the Civil Service Board of Examiners and Federal Aviation Agency. I had no sales experience, was fired from a retail sales position and was told that I would starve if I had to depend on sales to make a living. However, Mike encouraged me to give it a try.
I was introduced to Mary Kay by a wonderful woman named Ann Hall. Even though I did not think I would make a good Mary Kay consultant, Ann believed in me before I believed in myself. She patiently invited me to a weekly sales meeting every Monday for three months even though I turned her down. I finally attended, and was so impressed by the company and the women at that meeting that I started my Mary Kay business that day.
When I joined Mary Kay, the company was only 14 years old and there were only 40,000 consultants in the U.S. and Canada. We are now in 35+ countries and have 2,000,000 consultants WORLDWIDE with 1,000,000 in the U. S. (still not enough). There are currently approximately 15,000 Mary Kay cars on the highways of America worth more than 200 million, and the company is ready to order another for you when you qualify. There are more women earning over $100,000 a year in our company than in any other company in the world. When you plan your work and then you work your plan, you will become one of these women.
Three years after I became a consultant, I became a Sales Director and five months later, won my first pink Mary Kay car. I have won 17 cars since and am a PINK Cadillac driver. It is my trophy on wheels for the success of my wonderful Mary Kay unit members. And, that includes YOU!
I have received awards such as diamonds, jewelry, fully paid trips to Scotland, Austria, Rome, Hawaii and a Mediterranean Cruise to Greece (you can see fotos in our unit website), items for my home, and more. But the greatest reward has been my ability to put my family before my business and still earn executive pay.
I was able to be home when my children needed me. I was there for all of their school and extra-curricular activities as they were growing up. I was able to spend not only quantity time, but quality time with them. My MK business has allowed my daughters and me to build an incredible relationship and friendship, one of my main goals in life. Now that our daughters are grown, we are able to take care of our elderly parents.
Our Mary Kay business has also allowed us to educate our daughters in the colleges and universities of their choice. Mary Kay has allowed us to build a dream home in the hill country. And, allowed my husband Mike to retire from a Postal Superintendent position when he was 49 to help me with my goal to become a National Sales Director. He was honored as National MK Director Husband of the Year in 1996.
Mary Kay also provided personal growth for me, which has passed onto my family. Yes, we have our life’s challenges just like everybody else, however, our attitude is that “life is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.”
I believe that God’s gift to me is my Mary Kay business. My gift back to Him is to make my business a success by helping other women and their families succeed. My dream and goal is that you and your family will experience the success and joy that we have.
Over the years, I have helped promote several women into directorship, which is our leadership position in Mary Kay. You can see our directors – The Star Team in our website. You too can be a Star Team director. We need more directors to reach our NSD goal.
Our UNIT name is Sylvia’s Magical Million $ Stars. Our AREA name is The Star Team. Therefore, when you have an opportunity to introduce yourself at a Mary Kay function, do so in this way and with pride and enthusiasm… “I’m ________ - a member of Sylvia’s Magical Million $ Stars!”


I love family time especially when my daughters come home to visit. I love to pray for others! I love decorating my home! I love making and keeping friends forever! I love making others happy! I love to stay healthy by doing Tai Chi, walking, and basic exercises. I also enjoy cooking! I LOVE MY LIFE!


Mary Kay Way
Mary Kay Autobiography
Anything written by:
Norman Vincent Peale
Zig Ziglar
Bill Cantrell
John Maxwell
AND, Children's Books, especially the Harry Potter series!
Of course, the classics, too!




November 2
(All Souls Day)


Married to Mike Martinez 47 years
3 daughters - Veronica, Marisol & Sylvia
93 year old mom
Fabulous sister Yolanda
Incredible nephews
85 year old mom in law
3 wonderful sisters in law


I like to create my own individualistic style using up-to-date styles combined with unique items from the past.
And, the Mary Kay Director Suit!

Favorite Lipstick

Color Me Coral (which is really not my color; but, I change it a bit with lip liner and gloss)
Downtown Brown

Favorite Song

I love many! But, will say, "Make Someone Happy" by Jimmy Durante

Love Latin Music


Gourmet Mexican Food

Happiest When

I am with my 3 daughters! Especially if we're all together at Disneyland!


My husband, Mike!
My dad, Rubin Limon (deceased)
Mary Kay Ash
Veronica Martinez, my daughter


I've learned to laugh at myself and laugh with others!


Making this a better world!

My Dream

To complete the qualifications required to reach National Sales Director by helping women acquire their own dreams thru our Mary Kay world.


"The Shawshank Redemption"
"The Green Mile"
"The Sound of Music"
Anything "Disney"


Tounces the Cat
Pancho my Yorkie
(Both in pet heaven)

Places Visited

Disneyland and Disney World about 12 times!! Love it!
Edinburg, Scotland
Vienna & Salzburg, Austria
Greek Isles
Big Bend National Park-wow!
Many Texas cities
Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Wash DC, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, California

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